On the left is Daphne, a new arrival at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. She will live a happy life, filled with tummy rubs, knowing she is loved.
Vegfests are a great way to jump start a transition to a vegan diet. You'll find lots of manufacturers of food, often with free samples. Usually, speakers are on hand to talk about their experiences in changing their diets. You can often see cooking demos by people who are really experts in the field. There are ususally groups distributing free literature on the health benefits of vegan diets. A vegfest is a great place to ask questions about anything that might be confusing you about plant based diets. And you will find some of the nicest people there.
vegan athlete Rich Roll
Rich Roll has been called "One of the World's Fittest Men".

Gouter, a company that makes fresh, unpasteurized juice
Goûter makes really fresh juice.
You can find a VegFest here.