Daphne, left at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
A great model for any health food store that wants to focus on vegan foods is Roots Market, which has two locations in Maryland. I kept hearing so many good things about this place, I went to check them out. You can click on any image to enlarge it,
produce section at Roots Market

The produce section had a sale on 3 packs of romaine hearts; they were $2.50 a pack, where I usually pay 4 or 5 dollars a pack. This is one of my staple foods, so I got as many as I thought I'd be able to eat.
produce section at Roots Market

nice bulk food section
bulk foods at Roots Market

This was typical of where Roots stands out as vegan friendly. Thruout the store they have prepared vegan foods like vegan Caesar salad.

There were four prepared soups; all were vegan. But where a store like Whole Foods would probably have soups without organic ingredients, these were organic.
four vegan soups at Roots Market

This was the one I tried; it really tasted of quality ingredients. The family that owns Roots also owns a vegan restaurant named Great Sage. I got the feeling that these soups weren't just thrown together with low cost ingredients, but made with pride by a chef who really knows how to cook.

For restauarant quality organic soups, I think these are a great value. I got 12 ounces of the curry soup to try it. I liked it so much, I got 32 ounces more, thinking it waould last a while. Was over half of that gone (plus the 12 ounce serving I'd already eaten) before the day was out? Yes it was.
organic hot soup prices at Roots Market

They have a solid selction of vegan "meats". As someone who avoids soy and gluten, I wish they had mock meats that didn't have those ingredients... at least one of two of them. But these are very hard to find.
vegan meat selection at Roots Market

The vegan cheese section was impressive. I found three brands I had never seen before.
vegan "cheeses" at Roots Market

Here's another area where Roots is vegan friendly. They have vegan "chicken" salad and "egg" salad. The mock chicken salad uses Beyond Meat.

Overall, I was extremely impressed. If you are interested in a plant based diet, I think you will love this place. Roots Market