Daphne, left, at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
Puree Juice Bar is a mostly vegan juice bar with three locations in the DC area. While almost everything is plant based, I did see jars of honey, and some kind of bag made with beeswax. Most of their business is centered around cold press juices and smoothies.
Puree Juice Bar in Bethesda, Maryland

The store got quite busy when I was there. Juices are pressed in advanced to let you make your purchase quickly.
bottles of cold pressed juice at Puree

My favorite juice is Green Goddess. If you are not too good at eating leafy greens every day (guilty!), this is a great way to get fresh veggies into you. Since the juices are not pasteurized, you should check the label for the freshness date.
Green Goddess juice blend at Puree

They have shots of various super nutritious foods.
"shots" of turmeric and kale juice
There are grab and go vegan foods. The emphasis at Puree is on raw vegan foods, so these are often foods prepared without high temperatures, preserving the enzymes.
Vegan "BLT" sandwich at Puree Juice Bar

more goodies...
vegan raw foods at Puree

Puree offers skincare products made with vegan ingredients.

Puree has locations in Bethesda, MD, Fairfax, VA (in the Mosaic District) and at Sibley Hospital in DC (currently closed on Sundays). They also distribute their products at three health clubs in the area. They also offer delivery; this is a convenient way for busy people who want to do a juice cleanse.