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Living Well is a grocer and Christian bookstore run by the Seventh Day Adventists in Silver Spring, Maryland. Since Adventists have promoted a vegetarian diet since the 1860's, all the food in the store is either vegetarian or vegan.
Living Well store front in Silver Spring, MD
Please note, the store is closed on Saturdays, since this is the day of worship for Adventists. The store is open Sundays and weekdays. Also, they don't have a produce section. There is a Target department store a few doors away, which has a pretty good produce section, including organic produce.

The back half of the store is the health food section; the rest of the store has Christian books, CDs, DVDs, art, and church supplies.
skincare secton at Living Well

This is the best selection of Amy's Kitchen frozen foods I've seen.
Amy's Kitchen frozen foods at Living Well

The selection of vegan milk is extensive.
vegan milk aisle at Living Well

There is almost an entire aisle devoted to tea.
tea aisle at Living Well

Gluten free items are grouped together, rather that scattered throughout the store.
gluten free section at Living Well

There is a huge bulk section.
bulk food section at Living Well

bulk snacks at Living Well

bulk spices and herbs at Living well

Just in case you need a gallon size container of Vegenaise....
gallon size Veganaise at Living Well

They have a great section of books on plant based diets.
book section at Living Well

gene baurs book

This is a fun store to shop at. I really like the idea that there is no meat sold in the store. It really is ideal for someone new to a vegan diet who is wondering what to eat. They also have a smoothie bar, if you want a tasty snack. Their website says they will be adding online ordering in 2017. The store has classes and health fairs from time to time.