Here's a quick video showing how big Wegmans selection of vegan products is. Not all, but most of these are vegan. What is very cool about Wegmans is that they list what is in stock, the price, and the aisle that it's on for each product. You can see the list of ingredients. So you can make a shopping list at home. Plus, Wegmans has really good prices.


 If you love to cook, and haven't been to a food co-op, you will probably love going. The bulk section let's you try small quantities, save money, and avoid lots of wasteful packaging. Most of these items are vegan, with a few exceptions, such as milk chocolate coated items at the end of the video. Items here include dehydrated split pea soup mix, veggie burger mix, lots of nuts, and culinary and medicinal helbs. Co-ops tend to have lots of events, which may include vegan cooking classes.