There are great prepared vegan foods in grocery stores and health food stores. And there are some that aren't so great. I've had both. Save yourself some hassle and try some of my favorites.

Amy's Kitchen:
Indian Vegetable Korma: This is my favorite meal from Amy's.
Roasted Vegetables Tamale: This has a nice, fairly hard crust on the tamale shell.
Veggie Loaf: nice and hearty
Organic Lentil Soup: This is really good.

Imagine Foods:
Potato Leek soup: I usually add raw broccoli, and heat it in a pan. It's SO good.

Morning Zen Gluten Free Muesili: I put Rice Dream rice milk on this.

Daiya Foods:
Cheeze Lover's Pizza: This is gluten free.

Yellow Corn Taco Shells: These are GMO free, and are the start of a yummy taco. I use Amy's vegan refried beans, lettuce and Amy's salsa.

Lundberg Family Farms:
Organic Crabby Rice: There's no crab in this; it is flavored with Bay seasoning.

Seeds of Change:
Spanish Style Rice: This is the type that heats in the microwave in about 90 seconds.

Annie's Products:
Green Goddess dressing: This is really good.