Daphne, left at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
The DC VegFest 2017 had a big turnout despite chilly, rainy weather. The first 1,000 visitors got a goodie bag.
goodie bag from DC VegFest 2017

The most interesting speaker was David Carter, the 300 Pound Vegan. He is very articulate and has a lot of passion in sharing what he has learned about the benefits of a vegan diet.

Miyoko Schinner did not exactly have the best day showing how to make vegan cheeze. Miyokos Kitchen

Doron Petersan of Sticky Fingers vegan bakery showed how to make vegan cookies.

I caught just the end of Eddie Garza's talk and cooking demo. But his enthusiasm was so great, I wanted to see one of his cooking videos. This was on the local NBC affiliate the day before, and here is the video. íSalud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook: 150 Mouthwatering Recipes from Tamales to Churros

There were health health professionals represented there to support people on a plant based diet. The Barnard Medical Center has medical doctors and nutritioists at their office in DC. Here's Certified Holistic Nutritionist Ruby Lathon, who also serves the DC area, talking about her illness and recovery. Dr. Lathon's Meetup group

Mango Grove restaurant serving vegan food at DC VegFest 2017
There were lots of vendors and organizations there. Some that deserve special mention include Yeah Dawg!! They make a vegan hot dog that has no soy or gluten. Smiling Hara Hempeh has two varieties of tempeh made from hemp and peanuts, instead of soy. The Smoked Salt + Pepper Steak flavor was my favorite.
Above is Mango Grove restaurant.

Congressman Jamie Raskin spoke. He gave up meat when he had colon cancer, he is now cancer free.

At every VegFest, there seem to be long waits to buy food. One vendor had a line of about 100 people in it for several hours. I think many people would like it if foods were more "grab and go", instead of taking a couple minutes for each customer. Vendors would probably make more money by serving more people, and folks would have more time to see all the other great things at the festival.

Overall, there was a sense that vegan foods had gotten the green light... that they have gone so mainstream that it's lots of growth from this point on.
Miyoko Schinner said vegan cheeze is experiencing sales growth of about 20 percent per year. But she wants her competitors do well, and for vegan cheezes from many companies to replace cheese from dairy in the stores. Exciting times!